high quality plant based noodles

Since we couldn’t find the perfect noodle, we decided to create it. We love noodles and we wanted ours to not only taste great but also to make you feel great. That’s why Noodl Plus is based on three main ethos- be a plant-based solution, be high in fibre and be high in protein.

Plant powered noodles

We wanted our noodles to be filled with all the natural goodness of plants. We love how colourful and tasty plants are, so we decided to make our noodles stand out using natural colours. We used freezed dried ingredients that allow the pots to have real veggies on them.


We know how difficult it is to have your 30g of fibre every day (SACN, 2015), we have been there as well. But luckily, Noodl Plus is high in fibre and can help your healthy diet. What’s more, each pot of Noodl Plus contributes to your 1/5 a day of your daily fibre intake!


Now you will have a good answer when people ask you “where do you get your protein from?” Noodl Plus has plant powered protein which helps you get energy and makes you feel full immediately. With 300 calories or less a pot, it is the ideal meal for anyone.

So, grab your forks and try these delicious flavours!

We promise it’s going to be a colourful affair.



Think Pink!

Have you ever looked at your pasta and wished it was pink? We hear you! That’s why we used all the pink goodness from beetroots and created our lovely pink noodles. Our pots are infused with heavenly harissa for a spicy twist. Best part of it all, you can use them every day, not only on Valentine’s Day.



Beat the Heat!

What is small but contains a mighty punch? That’s right, it’s our Chilli Noodles. They are packed with heat and are perfect if you want to spice up your favourite recipe. The pots also contain Balinese style spices, one pro tip is to squeeze some lime and add some avocado to make it even more yummy.



Be Bold with Gold!

We like to think that Noodl Plus is the king of noodles, so we decided to use the most royal of spices to create our golden noodles. Our noodles are infused with turmeric, giving them that elusive golden colour. Use them on your favourite dishes to add a little bit of indulgence in your everyday life. Go on, you deserve it! Also, our pots have Thai style red curry to make your royal experience even more regal!.



Fade the Beige!

The coolest noodles have arrived in town. So, buckle up and experience our gorgeous black noodles infused with charcoal, they are surely worth a trip to the dark side. Our pots have epic mushrooms, giving you that bigger bang of flavour. They are the perfect addition to have some drama on your dishes, no more boring beige colours on your plate.



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